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Create The Life You Choose

Become The Best Version of Yourself

Transform your life permanently

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This course is for you

  • if  you  are ready to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and transformation.

  • if you would like an in-depth training program, guiding you step-by-step, through the magical process of alchemical transmutation.

  • A certificate  of completion is offered to everyone who finalises the training course.

Reconnect With Your True Self & Discover Your Life Purpose

  • Eliminate confusion and uncertainty about your life.

  • Feel whole and re-connected with your true self.

  • Discover your purpose so you can act with boldness and create the life you want.

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Be the change you want to see in the world

  • Help co-create a new paradigm shift of higher consciousness.

  • Through self transformation, we naturally have a positive ripple effect on the world

  • Be part of the bigger story of humanity.

Awaken your spirit

The connection between Alchemy and your personal journey of transmutation of body, soul and mind

The stages and the corresponding modules of the course are presented in the Soul Alchemy Helm

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Soul Alchemy Helm

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Reconnect with the elements

  • Restore balance in your life.

  • Reclaim your inner peace.

  • Your unique journey to your authentic self begins here.

Earth my body



Stage 1 Nigredo


Encountering the shadow

Water my soul



Stage 2 Albedo

Contacting the soul

Air my mind



Stage 3 Citrinitas

Merging with the divine

Fire my spirit



Stage 4 Rubedo

Grounding the spirit

Healing and Purification

Transforming and mastering

your physical world

Module 1

The Law of Attraction &

Cosmic Ordering

Module 2

Paradigm Shift

Module 3

Obstacles & Challenges

Module 4

Life Purpose

Module 5


Module 6

Quantum Healing of 

the Inner Child

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Intuitive development & 6th Sense

Awakening your soul

to its higher faculties

Module 7

Soul Awakening, Intuition

& Sixth Sense

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Unfold your divine essence

Awakening and accessing

your inner wisdom

Module 8

The Divine Child

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Rebirth and fulfilment


Co-creating with spirit to

manifest your unique soul purpose

Module 9

The Medicine Wheel

& your New Vision

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Take a look at our Preview 


“Excellent course. Would highly recommend”

— Helen Sweeney


“All the guidance resounds and feels true.”

— Photini Philips

“For the first time, meditation has stirred up my very deep feelings”

— Liz Masanja


“Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and creativity.”

— Jingying Xu

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Soul Path Guide and Spiritual Coach

Sue Cawthorne is the co-creator of Soul Alchemy Academy with Salah-Eddin Gherbi. It is an online learning platform for Personal transformation and empowerment. They are currently offering their life changing course Create The Life You Choose which is for anyone who is interested to experience deep and permanent change at all levels of their lives. The course offers a complete upgrade of consciousness empowering you to Create The Life You Choose, instead of being stuck and just accepting the life you ended up with. It offers the opportunity to live a life expressing your full potential.

Sue is the author of the book "You, The Beloved, The One", an invitation to explore and unveil our true authentic nature. 


Sue has worked as an intuitive healer, teacher and coach for over 30 years. She draws from many sources of wisdom, knowledge, old and new, including mindfulness, the laws of attraction, self-healing, soul alchemy and shamanism.



Soul Path Guide and Spiritual Coach

Salah-Eddin Gherbi is an energy healer, alchemist and truth-seeker of pure consciousness. Co-founder of the Soul Alchemy Academy and co-author of the online course Create The Life You Choose. He has worked in partnership with Sue Cawthorne to co-create an extensive framework to encompass many areas of life, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


Salah is the author of the book “ The Fifth Element, the Rainbow Bridge between the Dimensions “, a unified theory of science, metaphysics, the philosophy of divine nature, geometry and numbers.


Drawing from his experience of those fields, he is dedicated to supporting people to connect with their divine nature and the Elder circles.



Awaken Humanity to its limitless
awareness, potential and freedom

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Awakening Awareness is living from authenticity and deeper meaning.

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Unlocking our unlimited potential to create the life we choose.

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Living a life of freedom 

where limitations dissolve.

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