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Create The Life You Choose

Soul Alchemy

Unlock your inner potential

© 2021 Sue Cawthorne and Salah-Eddin Gherbi

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The Soul Alchemy Academy invites you to enrol

on its inspiring and ground breaking new course :

Create The Life You Choose

If you feel ready to embark on a beautiful journey of Soul Alchemy, encompassing many time-honoured paths, interwoven with innovate avenues of personal and spiritual transmutation, this course is for you.

A comprehensive and in-depth training program, guiding you step-by step, through the magical process of alchemical transformation.

You will be supported through your unique soul journey which encompasses :

  • The 4 Alchemical Stages of transmutation of the Soul.

  • The 13 key alchemical processes, and corresponding metals.

  • The 9 life changing Soul Alchemy modules include.

  • The 7 Soul Alchemy guided meditations, which work directly on your subconscious, facilitating and supporting your unique magical adventure and healing process.

A certificate of completion is offered to everyone who finalises the Foundation Training Course and the Advanced Foundation Training Course.

This course is for anyone who feels ready to embark on an exciting journey of self- discovery and transformation and drink of the elixir of their own soul.

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Throughout the course, symbolism and sacred geometry are illustrated throughout the modules to elicit a more detailed awareness of the particular aspect of transformation you are processing.


These symbols are the alchemical keys which are represented through a wheel diagram, connecting the bridge between Heaven and Earth. The symbols of the 5 elements (air, fire, water, earth and ether), the 8 metals (lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver, gold and platinum) and the elixir of the soul are illustrated. 

The diagram also associates the astrological symbols of the 13 zodiacal signs with the 13 operations of transformation, representing their unique qualities and gifts.


The Course is an exceptionally transformative journey, which is mapped out through the Fibonacci Spiral, emerging from the zero point of the infinite source of energy in the Universe.


This beautiful pattern is repeated throughout nature, from seashells to flowers pinecones and to a foetus en utero. The golden ratio 1.618 is present in almost every form of nature including the ocean and weather patterns. 


The Fibonacci spiral serves as the blueprint from which the natural world was designed, modelled, and created. It is the perfect expression of life in its greatest beauty, perceived in the eye of the observer and witness. 


The Course is presented on a background which depicts the popularly referenced Flower of Life, sacred geometry design. This infinite grid or energy web, serves as the artistic basis for a number of derivative creations in nature like the honeycomb and sunflowers. 

Gift yourself the nectar of your soul! 

Some of the wonderful benefits of the course are :


1. Unlock your Inner Potential


  • Embrace your true potential and access your original divine blueprint.

  • Identify and transform stuck limiting behaviour patterns and frequencies which block you from transcending your current paradigm and manifest your goals and dreams.

  • Gain access and utilise the gifts , talents and skills which have been buried in the depths of your soul.

  • Remember who you are and what you are capable of.

  • Be the person you always knew you were.

2. Self-Healing


  • Discover the healing power of gratitude and forgiveness and transform your relationship with yourself.

  • Develop and nurture your ability to love yourself completely, body, soul and mind and heal the wounds of your past.

  • Experience greater fulfilment and happiness as you discover how to “go with the flow “.

  • Create a solid inner foundation within yourself based on self love and worth, supporting your access to personal power and actualisation of your dreams and visions.



3. Relationships

  • Clear ancestral conditioning, beliefs and inherited identity, which have limited your ability to tap into your self-worth and higher consciousness.

  • Create and maintain an ongoing, intimate and trusting dialogue with your inner child and create safety and trust in your life with yourself and others, releasing deep rooted wounds, which have limited your self-expression.

  • Practise forgiveness to your parents, friends and siblings and learn to release and eradicate blame from your life, resulting in quantum healing and transformation.


4. Freedom from old paradigms


  • Release drama, struggle and self-sabotage and replace it with inner peace, ease and present moment awareness and be ready for big shifts on all levels of your life.

  • Learn how to create new and exciting paradigms and choose the life you want to live in detail.

  • Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind right now. Your new future starts now.


5. Manifestation


  • Increase and accelerate your powers of manifestation and self-mastery, and become increasingly confident in your ability to cosmically order and receive everything you have asked for.

  • Connect more deeply with your dreams, imagination and visualisation skills to shift and transform your life.

  • Become the person you always knew you could be.

  • Learn how to apply the Ask, Believe & Receive formula for manifestation and dissolve your old limiting behaviour patterns and past failures.



6. Health


  • Reclaim and reconnect with your inner strength, health and vitality.

  • Regain and increase your confidence in all areas of life.

  • As your paradigm shifts your whole life will transform and become more enjoyable, lifting your endorphin levels, decreasing stress and boosting your  immune system, increasing all round health and well-being .

  • Become increasingly conscious of the mind/ body connection.




7. Soul Purpose and Vision

  • Discover and manifest your life and soul purpose.

  • Find greater clarity of purpose and  vision to create a life totally aligned to your unique purpose.

  • Connect with your core values and discover your souls calling and  personal contribution to the collective.

  • Learn to navigate through life’s journey in total partnership with spirit and fulfil your unique Soul purpose.

  • Realise that you are at  the centre of operation in your life,  in charge of your divine vehicle.



8. Spiritual Development


  • Access your intuition, 6th Sense, dream recall, healing gifts and soul wisdom.

  • Understand the wisdom of the soul and invite  increased meaning and purpose  into your life.

  • Work in true partnership with spirit.

  • Discover and embrace your inner divine child, birthed from the healing alchemical marriage within you.

  • Work in unity with the intellect and intuition and support this  divine marriage to give birth to their divine child of spirit.

  • Deepen your connection with your inner voice and become more confident to trust it’s guidance.

  • Extensive coaching and guidance to support your intuitive development.

  • Re-discover innocence, play, magic, freedom and the elixir of the soul.

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