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Soul Alchemy
Energetic Space Clearing & Revitalizing Consultation  

Cleanse, Detox, Revitalize Yourself, your Home and your business.

  • What do you want to release ?

  • What do you want to attract ?


Space Clearing can help people in many different ways, depending on their particular needs. It’s like having a fresh start or a spring clean on your energy field, home or business.


The ancient practice of space clearing has been used since time began, in cultures all over the World. It was used to assist the release of negative & stagnant energies from all areas of a persons life as well as their home, land  and work spaces.

Often Banishing ceremonies were performed to assist in  the clearing of negative or stuck energies from people, places and things. This was followed by an Invocation ceremony to attract harmony, well-being, abundance and health. 


Negative energies and low frequencies can arise from a multitude of causes. Energy can become stagnant and blocked when the natural flow of Chi, life force energy, is interrupted or is deviated from its natural healthy flow, which sustains well – being and health on all levels of life. Trauma, illness, loss, relationship/ marriage break – ups and financial failure can all interfere, with the healthy flow of vital energy in our bodies and energy fields.

Our Space clearing sessions are combined with detailed advice on how to implement lasting change and balance and support regeneration and rebirth in your life and environment.

We as Space Clearing Consultancy practitioners use a combination of Intuition & inner guidance, dowsing, smudging, crystals and minerals, sacred sound & auric cleansing, plus banishing & invoking ceremonies.


We also recommend and support the creation of a personal / home / workplace altar or sacred space, uniquely designed with us to help you to maintain and anchor positive free flowing energy, in your personal field and environment.

Clients receive a report of recommendations after their Clearing session. An extensive more in depth report can be requested for an additional fee.


Personal Space Clearing

& Revitalization Consultation


Who can it help?


  1. Personal trauma clearing.

  2. Genetic lineage clearing.

  3. Cutting negative ties from people & situations.

  4. Detox, reboot & revitalize your energy field.

  5. Remove blocks to your fulfilment & happiness.

  6. Live the life you are meant to be living.

  7. Create a protective & clear energy field around you.

  8. Reclaim your energy & enthusiasm for life.

  9. Connect more fully with your authentic-self.

  10. Removing the veils of illusion, to restore clear seeing & truth in your life.

  11. Connect with your life & soul purpose.

  12. Chakra balancing & increased energy.

Energetic Space Clearing

& Revitalization Consultation

for your Home


How can it help?


  • It can help when moving into a new home as it will help clear out any stagnant or stuck energies left by the previous owners / tenants. Gives your new home a fresh start energetically.

  • It can also help if you want to sell your house as space clearing can smooth the way by improving the atmosphere and increasing the vitality of the energy there. If your home feels cleansed energetically & feels comfortable & revitalised potential buyers will feel more likely to experience a welcoming & attractive atmosphere. I have often heard potential house buyers lose interest in a house because ' it just didn’t feel right '.

  • It can help if recent illness or trauma has effected the vibrational frequency of the house. This can be shifted by space clearing & the energy can be improved and revitalized, transforming the whole atmosphere. Sometimes space clearing can simply be a smart thing to do as it will enhance and encourage easier and greater flow of energy increasing the well being of the inhabitants of the dwelling, physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. People often find the quality of their sleep improves & they feel a greater sense of calm.

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Energetic Space Clearing

& Revitalization Consultation

for your Business


How can it help?


Energetic residue can accumulate & become stagnant in the work place or business. This can slow down the flow of energy which can be experienced as a  heavy, dull and uninspiring atmosphere. Not the harmonious, stimulating & creative energy required to run a successful business. Space Clearing can clear & revitalize your work environment, benefitting everyone, workers & customers alike. It can assist in the easier flow of energy allowing greater well being of both yourself and the workplace, or business on all levels.

  • Transform the atmosphere into a place of harmony & flow.

  • Cleanse & Revitalize the energy.

  • Greater communication

  • Increased success

  • Increased inspiration & business strategies

  • Fresh start, clean slate, reboot.

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