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Elicit Meditation
Module 2 Meditation

Guided Meditation Audio

Progressive Relaxation Meditation ~ 22min


Recommended as a preparation before listening to the Module Focus Meditations.


Golden Light Elicit Relaxation (Listen)


This beautiful and powerful Elicit Relaxation and total body scan meditation, takes the listener step by step, through a soothing and healing journey of mind, body, and spirit. It is gently enhanced with intermittent tong drum tones, to bring deeper peace. It a prerequisite to listening to any of the Focused meditations as it prepares the student to gain greater benefit, from the the focused meditations offered in the course.



Focused Meditations

Module 2 “Ask, Believe, Receive” Meditation and Visualisation ~ 19min (Listen)


Board the Manifestation train and arrive at the perfect reality of your choosing. The enhanced audio effects activate your senses and imagination bringing alive all the excitement of manifesting your dreams and goals with gratitude. Uplifting and empowering. Supporting you to receive your heart's desire.


Module 4 Life Purpose Meditation ~ 23min


Journey into the magical forest and enter the cave to meet your inner guide, who holds the key to your Life Purpose. Look into the mirror of Truth and see the real you, your gifts, talents, skills, and creativity. Your true potential, your destiny. Beautifully enhanced with audio effects to stimulate the imagination and senses. Stimulates focus and connects you to your life purpose. This track contains ambient sounds in the background.


Module 5 Self-Love Meditation ~ 18min


Deep self-healing guided meditation. Supports focus on bringing love, acceptance, and gratitude, to your innermost being and every area of your life. Tuning into how you can improve and heal every part of your life which have been abandoned, neglected, or wounded. Connecting fully with yourself and embracing the perfect expression of life that you are. Enhanced with beautiful tong drum audio effects.


Module 6 Inner Child Meditation & Visualisation ~ 27min


A magical journey with your Inner Child. Rich in imagery and audio enhancement, with sounds of nature and chakra tones. Traveling together along a beautiful stream, you bring healing to the 7 chakras. Hand in hand, you release old buried wounds from the past and rediscover the unexpressed parts of the Inner Child within you. A very uplifting and fun experience bringing forgiveness and release.


Module 7 "Trust your Intuition" Meditation ~ 25min


A focused meditation, guiding you to listen with greater depth and clarity to your inner voice, intuition & 6th Sense. Supporting you to trust yourself, your gut feelings, and knowings much more. Just simply go with the flow of life. Trusting your intuition is choosing what is beneficial for you on all levels of life. It is the power to choose your own frequency. Beautiful tong drum audio enhancement.


Module 9 "The Medicine Journey and Vision Quest" Meditation ~ 1h (broken into three parts) :

Module 9 "Preparation for the Medicine Wheel Journey and Vision" ~ 23min (part 1)

Part 1 of a very powerful healing journey, guiding you step by step into the Medicine Wheel. In this introductory guided journey, you will be introduced to the Spirit Keepers of the 4 Directions and the Guardians of the Inner Wheel, the building blocks of all life on Earth. This is a preparation for your healing and soul retrieval.


Module 9 "Opening the Medicine Wheel Journey and Vision Quest" ~ 18min (part 2)

In this second part of your Medicine Journey and Vision Quest, you are invited to connect and receive gifts from the Spirit Keepers. You will be given wonderful gifts and tools to support you with your soul retrieval. You are invited to choose a particular issue you would like to focus on. Beautiful audio enhancement to bring all the elements of this in-depth meditation to life. Drumming, nature, elements, and animal sounds, bringing your imagination and visualisation skills to the fore.

Module 9 "The Centre of the Medicine Wheel and New Vision" ~ 19min (part 3)

Final part of the Medicine Wheel Journey and Vision Quest. The centre of the Wheel represents the spirit within. You are at home and in total balance. You are in connection with your Higher Self and Intuition. You release everything that is not your authentic self, a place of empowerment where your new journey begins.  Self-discovery, and realisation of your spiritual purpose in this lifetime. Now, is a very good time to be at the centre of your own Wheel, connecting with the web of life.

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